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THE NOTHINGs rules are odd yet simple at the same time you see if you are there for important reasons that are good then you are safe. if you are pure then you may go to cilyks castle and may ask for a favor. if you are neutral you will be in the lower parts where the roamers of nothing are and you will be there target practice. if you are evil then you will plummet in to the nothing where you will become a roamer of nothing. if you are a enemy of cilyk then you will turn into nothing and your very existent's will be forgotten.

rules for followers if you obey cilyk then you must obey his rules which are not to you's necromancy for evil do not kill in his name do not betray the one's who care for you

rules for dragons do not harm innocent people do not hunt humans as food do not kill in the name of hate

(bonus) how to summon cilyk you must be married to your true love have a blade hand crafted at a forge near one of his shrine's and you need to offer him a sweetroll honey and a black soul gem filled with a evil grand soul
these are the rules of cilyks realms and his rules
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June 29, 2012
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